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Let’s Learn Test Your Knowledge on Jet Ski

Let’s Learn Test Your Knowledge on Jet Ski, It is knowledge if you are not ready to take the plunge and buy your very own jet ski, you might want to consider renting one to see if they are for you. The following quiz to test your knowledge of the ins and outs of the rental market PWC and general practice. You may want to consider renting one to see if they are for you. (1) What items should be worn at all times when securing the PWC of any marina that offers boat rentals and jet ski

(A) Goggles
(B) Gloves
(C) Wet Suits
(D) None of the above

Answer: (d) Although it is recommended that all items used, personal flotation device (PFD) or life jacket are needed item one should wear when operating any PWC.

(2) What is another name for PWC stand-up?

(A) A wakeboard
(B) A waverunner
(C) A sport craft
(D) A craft alone

Answer: (d) A solo craft operated from a standing position that allows one person to control and occupy the vehicle.

(3) How is the cost of jet ski rentals are determined?

(A) the tenant is subject to daily jet ski rentals by the day.
(B) Jet ski rental rates are charged by every 4 hours of use.
(C) The cost of jet ski rentals are determined by either a flat rate by a half-hour or hour.
(D) Most rental companies determine the amount charged from the time you make your reservation.

Answer: (c) Generally, most of the businesses that provide daily jet ski rental equipment hire them with ½ hour or hour although some variations apply.

(4) What is the first manufacturer who produced the WaveRunner?

(A) Kawasaki
(B) Honda
(C) Polaris
(D) Yamaha

Answer: (d) Yamaha Motor Company produces trademarked WaveRunner personal watercraft (PWC) although the name “waverunner” can refer to a variety of personal watercrafts.

(5) Trade name Jet Ski manufactured by any company?

(A) Honda holds a trademark on the name
(B) Polaris producing these vehicles
(C) This is a general term that refers to personal watercraft manufactured by a number of companies.
(D) Jet Ski is a trademarked product of Kawasaki Motor Company.

Answer: (d) a registered trademarked product manufactured by Kawasaki despite common reference for one can mean a number of personal watercrafts manufactured by various brands.

(6) What is the minimum age requirement if you want to rent a jet ski?

(A) The minimum requirement is 12 years.
(B) The minimum age is 22 years old.
(C) To hire a minimum age requirement is usually 16.
(D) One typically must be 18 years to rent a PWC.

Answer: When renting one, the minimum age to sign a lease agreement is usually at most rental facilities 18 years old with driver’s license. Generally the minimum age is 16 years old driver.

How did you fare? Are you “at sea” when it came to answering a few questions? Regardless, if you are interested in renting any PWC, you can find a variety of places on the Internet that can help answer your questions in this regard. Just take the time to do your homework and you can make your next water outing uplifting experience.

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